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By: Katsuhiro Otomo
Rated: Not Rated (VHS) R (DVD)
There isn't any other way to start an anime review section.
Akira follows the Juviniles of a new generation, rival biker gangs, pill poppers, and strange loners, like Tetsuo.
Tetsuo is allways being picked on, and is basically the little brother in Kaneda's bike gang. Altough Kaneda and Tetsuo have been friends since kindergarden, Tetsuo always sees that when Kaneda tries to be a big brother to him, he's acctually tring to pick on him, or show who's better.
when a mystirous link is found between Tetsuo and a legend named Akira, Tetsuo is blessed with psychic powers. But the only thought in his head is to find Akira, so that he can make the pain, that his powers give him, go away.
Overall, Akira is one of the best anime films ever created, and the same thing goes for the manga, which is being re-released by Dark Horse comics in a 6-part series.
Eventhough many complain that Akira is disgusting, that is just incorrect. Of course there is tons of bloodshed and gore, along with minor nudity, Akira is all and all not as "disgusting" as people tend to say.
Akira is a definite for any serios anime fan.



Aong with the new popularity that Akira is raking in,
on July 24th Akira will celebrate, as a new dawning of Akira is released, the special editon, collector's editon, newly restored, double disc, anniversary DVD, AKIRA.
Gawd, who could ask for anything more.
As it will be on store shelves July 24th, at a retail price of around $40, Akira will be here for a whole new generation, The way it was meant to be seen.



Golden Boy
By: ???
Rated: 15+ and 17+

Oh boy, where do I start...
Kintaro is a 25 free lancer, going town to town doing odd jobs.
As a friend once told me when I asked about Kintaro (what he was like) he simply told me, "Kintaro's just, THE MAN".
And you will learn too, that Kintaro is just, THE MAN.
Simply, he messes everything up, only to make it all much better with the slightest of ease.
Of course Kintaro is also a horn dog, as everyone can see that by his day dream fantasies, and the main part in Golden Boy, is well, the babes.
(which Kintaro gets quite easly)
I wouldn't really recomend this to any kids, but hey, did I ever follow the rules? Didn't think so.



Slayers: Explosion Array
By: Tsuguhiko Kadokawa
Rated: Not Rated

We all know and love the humoress adventures of the Slayers,
but then along comes this OVA from ADV films...
So...Lina and Nahga are seaching for this "magic user"
who has found the hidden mirror thingy that anyone who looks in it has an evil twin appear. (mirror, mirror, on the wall...)
So then Nahga and Lina find him and, Whoops! they have twins, only the twins act like oppisites compared to the orriginal! And Lina and Nahga get the money and...
But really, this IS one of the worst OVAs ever.
But what do you expect from a 45min. movie?
The only thing really interesting was...Nahga! Hee hee...
Really though the sketches at the end of the movie was cool.
(They shouldn't have bothered though...)