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TCP otaku

Otaku Online Magazine

Issue#1 July 2001

DBZ gohan vs cell

Welcome to TCP otaku,
an online magazine, with topics dedicated to otakus,
such as anime & manga, video games, and anything Japanese related. TCP otaku has anime reviews, previews, info,
and every issue a cover story.
This online mag will be updated almost every month, so come often.
Enjoy the mag/site.

Now that you know what this site is about, it's time you learned about it's purpose.
My name is Kimo. I haven't been in the site building very long, but my first, (and original) site was Kimo Kastle. (
The site was okay, but then homestead was having some problems and started charging buck$ for they're crappy site builder options.
So I decided to create a new site, which shares the name with this one. It was a emulation site. (download plaform games (snes) on your PC for free.)
Tripod shut it down, which really pissed me off.
So, can't stay with homestead, can't make an emulation site.
Hmm...what to I tried, Bappy, and others, but in the end, I came back to Tripod and decided to make an online magazine.
And here I am...

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Kawaii Lina

Issue #1 July 2001
Cover story: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Reviews: Akira, Golden Boy, Slayers: E.A.
Previews: Nadesico OVA, Gunsmith Cats: Bulletproof!, Akira DVD, Neia_7
First Issue!!!