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Cover Story

Neon Genesis Evangelion


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Every Anime fan should know Neon Genesis Evangelion.
One of the greatest anime series of all time, Eva open the doors to many anime fans, with its interesting charaters,
dramatic story, and heart-beating battles.
This was basically the recipe for sucess, or so it seems.
Eva had only one flaw, it's ending.
While many found it as a dramatic ending to a dramatic series, while others just thought it wasn't the "proper" end.
And so "End of Evangelion" was chossen to be the ending.
Yet some still argued that it just wasn't a fit ending.
But thats not the point. Evangelion is a wonderful anime masterpiece, great ending or not.
Anyway the end was wicked awsome...

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There are many good Eva sites out there,
but which is best?
Your best bet would be

which links to any and all sites that have to do with Neon Genesis Evangelion.

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